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Please Contact us directly, as we do not contract our services to Veterinary Hospitals. 

1-506-636-1721 or 1-506-639-1706


We are proud to be eastern Canada's newest "individual only" pet cremation facility. 17 years experience in the animal care/welfare field, 2 years human Funeral industry training, and education.

Government of NB Inspected and licensed Cremation facility.

We do NOT offer wholesale pricing to Veterinary Clinics, nor perform group or "mass" incineration, for these options please contact your veterinary clinic for diposal direction.

We are proud to offer:

-Private Individual Cremations only (No Acceptions)

-Pre arrangements

-Home and Hospital Transfers

-Many memorial options, including a modest inventory of urns, jewelry, keepsakes and mementos.

-Shadow boxes

-Keepsake Jewelry

- 3 dimensional paw printing

-Grief counselling 

 * And many more options available*


How are we different?

The difference with Forever Friends Pet Memorials is, we operate identically to a licensed and regulated Human Funeral Home/crematory.

Depending on cause of death, we do not "store" in a freezer to halt "mother nature" the cremation is done as soon as possible!

 Please contact us directly, to pre-plan as we do not contract our services to Veterinary Hospitals. 

We are here for you the grieving pet parent, with "Same day" piece of mind assurance, All is looked after when the time comes, we are there shortly after your veterinary appointment to transfer your pet directly to our facility, and allow you to say goodbye, not leaving your departed at the veterinary hospital. 

If you have a Euthanasia appointment for your pet, please phone us ahead of time. We will retrieve your pet very shortly after your scheduled appointment, and invite you to meet us in person at this time, so you know who will be looking after your dearly departed shortly after passing.

If the passing was unexpected (usually at home) we will come and transfer your pet to the crematorium directly, privately,

Similar to the service of a human funeral director, when they are notified of a death will be dispatched right away for removal, not hours or days after, as soon as possible.

One pet, one cremation, every time! NO EXCEPTIONS

We do not offer mass/group incineration,

The reason for this is to help YOU the Pet Parent have piece of mind knowing your pet is in the best of care, and allowing you to cherish the memories (you will soon be flooded with) by bringing your pet back home,

to keep,  interment, or the scattering of remains at a later time.

Here at FFPMS we truly feel that pets are sentient beings, just like us, they form bonds, feel and have emotions just like us. And deserve the same dignity and respect as humans.

We invite you to be as involved as much, or as little as you wish to be in the after care process.

We truly understand how horrible it is to lose a being that has given you nothing but unconditional love, and "can" be the same if not more emotionally painful than actually losing a human family member.


Contact us directly


Lori and Joe Magee

8201 Rte 102

Public Landing, New Brunswick